Alleviate shift management with Australia’s simplest online rostering software & its real-time notification feature

Get instant setup & It is 100% free for the first 3 staff members

Create shifts in no time.

A one-for-all dashboard setup allows you to create and edit multiple shifts in the blink of an eye. Roster daily, weekly, and monthly as per your needs and save hours of effort.

Share real-time updates

Every update you make on the roster swirls through a notification panel and goes right to your staff members. With real-time roster updates, your employees get notified right then & there.

Bid goodbye to staff shortage

Our rostering software lets you say goodbye to the uncertainty and inconvenience of never-ending shift & staff management. Now, you can tackle staff shortage at your fingertips.

Online staff rostering software with smart addons

Create new shifts as per existing module

Our automated roster software comes with an admin dashboard with an ‘Add Shift’ button on one side of the roster calendar. Every new shift is just one click away. Customize the roster with a specific name and assign the staff members in accordance with the occurring proximity.

Manage labour costs with real-time analysis

Now that you have an optimized system for real-time working hours analysis with our roster software, you can stick to a definitive budget. A sheer view of total working hours and break time counts up to a fair share of wages & deduced company costs.

Initiate easy breaks with a single click

No need to splurge your time on constant break checks! We present to you the ultimate rostering software with an exclusive feature to measure the accurate break time of your employees. Keep a timely record of all breaks without leaving your desk.

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Instant-sharing feature for shift change notification

Ever been in a situation when the staff calls off sick and you have the next shift coming up? If the answer is yes, this advanced roster software solution is here to help. Make impromptu changes in the shift & notify the available staff with a custom sharing feature.

Manage anytime, from anywhere

Can’t make it to work today? It’s not a problem because the GuniTime roster app is available for androids, iPhones, & iPads. No matter where you are, you can manage multiple shifts using your smartphones and tablets at the convenience of your own place.

Employee scheduling app

GuniTime team scheduling software on the go

GuniTime’s iOS and Android mobile app make it easy to build and update your shift work roster anywhere, anytime.

You change a shift time, add a new shift, and swap shifts all from your phone. With GuniTime’s push notifications enabled on all mobile devices as well as email, your employees will know when there’s been a change.

Frequently asked questions

A rostering software is an online tool that serves as a one-stop solution for everything related to employee scheduling. It is prominently used for managing multiple shifts, tracking working hours, evaluating weekly and monthly costs, and readjusting the timesheet.

Human resource is one of the richest assets for the business. You need an automated system for staff scheduling especially when your business hinges on an efficient workforce. A roster software helps you address the absence of staff shortage and fix a replacement online hassle-free.

GuniTime is a discretely developed roster app with high-quality features that provides instant solutions for employee scheduling. Its impeccable interface allows you to schedule working hours, plan breaks, and send automated reminders through a custom notification module.

Yes, you can get access to GuniTime roster software totally free of cost without any hidden charges for 3 staff.

Yes, you can use the GuniTime employee software for free for the first 3 staff members as a demo session. Once you get to know the software better, you can upgrade your plan at your convenience.

GuniTime respects your privacy and comfort regarding the online payment concern. Therefore, we provide multiple payment options, so you can easily upgrade your roster software plan and enjoy streamlined workforce management for as long as you want.

Yes, GuniTime offers 24/7 customer support to facilitate amicable employee scheduling with proper functioning. Feel free to call us or write to us anytime you need. The details are shared below:
Email ID:
Contact number: 1800954850

At GuniTime, we believe in providing coherent access to easy staff scheduling, and this is how our technology experts have customized the software. You can add as many staff members as you want without facing any significant issue.

Yes, you get all the power and strength in your hand. Be the boss of your rostering management software and switch to any required plan whenever you wish.

Besides roster software, GuniTime is also renowned for a highly customized timesheet feature, employee onboarding, fleet management, and staff reimbursement.

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